Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Bunch Of Cuts!

In these times of the ever present 'crunch', one of Soho's more colourful salons had it's doors rudely shut for them recently. But fear not, the resilient barber's have regrouped and relocated.

Cuts was started in the early 80s by the recently deceased style icon, James Lebon and Steve Brooks. It was always known for it's cutting edge (pardon the pun) approach and developed it's fair share of cult styles, from the 'Boxer' cut of the 80's to the 'Buddha' in the 90's. Frequented by the likes of Goldie and Mark Moore, many the mover and shaker has been through cuts' doors for one of their trade mark scissor crops. Although it moved location a few times, it spent most of it's time on Soho's Frith Street.

The atmosphere was somewhat like a camp Desmond's at times, and at others more like an episode of Minder. Musicians and fashion designers would get their hair cut next to shifty geezers, while the salon would share a joke at a staff members expense, and the door would be a turnstile for Soho's panhandlers and eccentrics. Cuts was a refreshing answer to the chain salons with their herbal teas and expensive product ranges (whether the staff wanted it or not).

The sudden move seems apparently due to some bad management, but the staff banded together in record time to relocate and continue Cuts. Their new home is tucked away behind dean street and seems a lot swankier than their last, but minimal walls and stripped wooden beams aside it still seems to have the same chaotic charm as before. So with hopes of making it last and acquiring enough chairs for their clients, I wish them all good luck and urge you to pop along and experience the new Cuts.


  1. I'm sure you meant opposed to diseased..

  2. Well spotted, the product of a state education and a lazy spell checker I'm afraid - cheers.